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I will say this in spite of this one issue (my truck getting towed) Heck its paid in full ($70,000) so there is an upside for us at least.

My HOA does keep the property clean and fixes anything broken quickly. They have locks on the pool and gym to keep out the kids from the outside neighborhoods. We have great security guards from Allied Barton that actually are awake and walk the property to deter crime. The entry gates are nice even though they probably dont stop anybody from piggy backing in. Oh and I dont know exactly how scientific or politically correct it is but we somehow keep out the low life thug types. Maybe thugs dont like to pay more than their welfare check? lol

Its been nice other than this one day. Like I said they did pay the bill with no argument so my HOA must be one of the better ones.

When its time to buy, it will be an acre or more with a well, out of town.

The Okie Corral

The Okie Corral

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