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Originally Posted by jbglock View Post
If a burglar is backlit by a streetlight or in total darkness you can really tell if it is a gun, knife, hammer, or maybe something he has stolen in his hand? I'm not saying that a person shouldn't have night sights if they want them. I'm saying for home defense a gun mounted or hand held flashlight is more important. Much more important. Doesn't mean you can't have both.
That is not possible to answer in every circumstance. Can you see an AR15 outline? Most likely from any distance. A pistol or revolver? Maybe across the room in your house, or 15 feet away outside. A bat or crowbar has a unique shape, and a gun is held in a unique way (most knives, etc. don't have handles at the rear, giving it a gun-like profile in a hand). Can you tell if a tall, skinny man is in your house under dim light? How about a 260 lb fat guy that doesn't belong? Of course.

Along the lines of what has been said, night sights are guaranteed not to be a gimmick, nor a waste of money. There is no physical way a person with the ability to see cannot benefit from them, whether they think so or not. It's part of the nature of sight. Whether its worth it to you is a different story, and I respect that.
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