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Originally Posted by cowboy1964 View Post
I disagree on rotation, especially if money isn't unlimited. Most canned stuff isn't going to go 10-20 years safely or keep its taste. No sense letting it go to waste. Plus if you like it during good times you will LOVE it during bad.
Originally Posted by jeepinbandit View Post
Generally true. Thanks to the lawyers everything has to have an expiration date lol. From what I understand they will eventually loose some taste and what not but will still be good to eat.
They have recovered canned foods from sunken WWII subs/boats which at over 60 years old the food stuffs tested negative for any sort of harmful bacteria... it might taste is another story

Like Smith, my wife and I recently ate some canned pears from 97 or 98...they were canned with cinnamon and honestly were delicious.
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