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Read the title and thought you were talking about this one.

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Location : Caddo Mills
Ad Start : Oct 12
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I am selling my collection of large knives. I have many interesting pieces including the knife from the movie Cobra with Sylvester Stallone, and the knife from Rambo first blood part 2. I also have a cold steel counter tac 1, a SOG pentagon, a maxim skinner, a rugged antique bowie, and a brand new winchester bowie. I also have a knife that has been the prize of my collection for many years. It is a very large antique bowie from Solingen Germany with a tooled leather sheath, and human feemur bone handle made from the remains of a German Jew that was in the holocaust. You will not find an item like this at wally world. Most of my knives have sheathes, and the prices will range from $10 to $500. I'm willing to negotiate so if youre interested in an item just give me a buzz and let's work something out. You can call or text me for pictures at
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