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Originally Posted by E-2-E View Post
What the hell is a 4 yr old doing at a gun show? The guy picking up the firearm isn't that swift either.
I'm with you. I get wanting to expose kids to shooting/guns at an early age. But, taking them to an event that typically seems to be populated by every mouth-breathing, inbred moron in 3 states isn't a part of my plan for my kids. Too much of what happened here for me to take my kids.

If I go and get shot by bubba, that's my problem, but I'm not going to put my child at risk. I don't take them to ranges either. If they shoot, it's on my land. Occasionally, they might make it into a gun store. When one of them asks me to take them, it might be different. But since they have no interest in being there for the time being(they're still pretty young) I see no reason to expose them to the sea of morons at my local shows.

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