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Originally Posted by G36's Rule View Post
Anyone who owns and enjoys their firearms and understands our rights should be a member of the NRA. They do have influence and do use it.

Another organization you should consider is the Second Amendment Foundation. They are the ones who brought the Heller case up and eventually dragged the NRA on board with them.

The more members the NRA has the greater their influence and the more selective they can be with who they put their support behind. Also the SAF is an excellent group. I support them as well in additional to several local group.

There is something like 80 million gun owners in the US but the NRA only has something on the order of 4.3 million members.. If only half the gun owners in the US were a members of the NRA, we would have very very little to worry about from politicians infringing on our right of self defense.

Just imagine if every gun owner in the US was an NRA and SAF member..

There are two types of gun owners, those who are riding in the wagon and those who are pulling it. If you are not a member of at least one of the great groups that support our rights then you are just free loading on the work of others.

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