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What a coincidence. I just woke up to my new F150 4x4 gone this morning too. The contracted tow company towed it even though I had an HOA issued sticker.

My HOA ran out of stickers that said my complex's name so they issued me a generic pass that just said "visitor".

Well, the towing company was told it was a fake by one of the HOA managers (not the same guy who issued it to me) and this guy approved them to tow it.

Towing fees are $336. Since it was towed on a friday there is an after hours fee of $65 a day. HOA is closed til monday.

After I ripped someone a new A-hole over the phone I miraculously got my truck back free of charge!!! The HOA ate the $336 towing fee believe it or not lol. I guess my verbal judo skills are strong? Normally you have to pay the towing fee and fight the HOA for reimbursement.

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