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Originally Posted by jbglock View Post

Sounds like giving your position away and giving someone a good direction to shoot in.

Absolutely. What Warp and I were saying, is that having a tactical light, doesn't mean that money spent on night sights is "wasted". Because there are a number of scenarios where the sights, are useful.

Be it, because you broke your light, or that your batterys are out, or (for the cops) that your light is taken out in the fight, or that its not tactically advantageous to turn on your light, but you want to cover someone with your weapon etc.

As for calling out, it really depends upon the situation, and your specifics.

In the city, with small close together houses and the like, you may not have the distance to matter. Myself, I live in the country, with enough acreage that I could query someone from the darkness. If guys are say, messing with my shop, I could leave the house, and depending upon time of year/and day, be in complete darkness. If I yell at them, they'll know I'm behind them, but a single word like "hey" really isn't going to give you enough information to pinpoint my location on my property.

Also, depending upon the situation, because of the layout of my property, and the standoff between my house, and shop, and the street and my house/property lines, could easily make a shot over 100 yds on my property. At such a range, or depending upon where the encounter was, I may have enough backlighting to use the sights, but not use the light. Doing so, tritium illuminated night sights, or fiber optic sights, perform better under lower ambient light levels than plain black sights. Hence a good reason to keep them around.

While Falman like to paint the whole world into pretty boxes where he can neatly explain or plan out every possible circumstance, what we've been saying is night sights are simply an extra tool in the tool box. If you have them, and don't need them great, but its not a waste to have them.

Its not a waste for me to have a table saw, even though most of the issues around my house require the use of a screwdriver or a hammer.
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