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Originally Posted by ADK_40GLKr View Post
I had a mixture of Fed and CCI primers in the batch I tested this afternoon. (This was only my second batch of 25 re-loads.) All the rounds seemed to fire consistently except 1; there appeared to be a good striker mark, but it did not fire. The primer was gold colored, so I guess it was a Federal as the CCI are silver colored.
Which Federal primer were you using? All of the Federals I have ever used were nickel plated. Just curious... I'm pretty sure there are primers, even by Federal, that I haven't run across.

Brought my G27 home and gave the slide a good detail strip cleaning.

Using 6.8 gn of Power Pistol behind 165 gn plated HP.

Guess I'm ready to make up a batch for next IDPA practice and see how it does.

Sounds like you are good to go!

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