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Originally Posted by failsafe View Post
Just be aware that if they are not jacketed, there will be issues with leading..
The old wadcutters were flat nosed and all lead..I have some around here somewhere..Back in the day we called them paper punchers..
But 158 gr of flat nosed projectiles, will do the job for HD...
What issues? As long as not a ported barrel to get gunked up, leading to a potential plug. And if you are not switching from 38 to 357 without cleaning where gunk can keep the longer shell from fitting right and maybe increasing the already high pressure of the magnum round. I'm not aware of other issues. Lots of people, including me, shoot a steady diet of all lead bullets in revolvers. Shoots nice and accurate. Cleans up like usual.

The beauty is they are a lighter bullet and also loaded to lower velocity. They punch pretty holes in paper too
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