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See if you can get in touch with Ryan O'Farrell at Cuyahoga Community College (Parma, OH). He is basically running the standardized Physical Fitness Test for most of Cuyahoga County Agencies.

Instead of different agencies all doing different things, they all came together and set up a standardized physical test and Ryan runs it out of the college. All applicants after passing the written are sent to his physical test. It seems to be working out okay as it's been years and years. I think that was 2005 or 2006 that it was set up and it's still running.

I was there at the beginning when it was all set up but I've been too busy to help out anymore.


see if you can d/l that PDF, it explains the test.
i don't remember it being gender specific, everyone does the same thing.

it's not exactly that hard. when i was helping out, we had some young'uns who complained that the run couldn't be done. I advised him that when I was testing back in the day, we had 11:30 to do the 1.5 mile. 16+ minutes is nothing. so at age 32, while in work boots and carrying a gun, mags, cuff, i ran the dang 1.5 mile in just over 12 minutes. the 23 yr old couldn't finish it in 16+. for shame.

i told him don't even bother trying to make the DEA run.


this was better than our old physical i took for my current department. back then, we were under ADA mandate because some person sued because she couldn't pass the physical. our PT test at that time was: (and I kid you not)

WALK up and down a flight of stairs. No time limit.
Run around the track once (1/4 mile). No time limit.
Exit police car, close door, WALK, do not run, 100 feet, go up two steps, open door, go up two steps, open door, pick up briefcase (10 lbs), WALK all the way back to the car, open door, get in it, put briefcase on passenger seat, close door.

this was after a study was completed on what our officers did.

I was in the last year of the mandate and I was shocked. I thought they were joking with us.

we have in house yearly physicals which aren't that hard, but we still have to pass them. for some reason, it is age specific (20-29, 30-39, etc) and gender specific (females do less push ups and sit ups but have less time for the run)
i think the min for 20-20 yr olds are 25 push ups, 20 situps, stretch +1" past your toes, and 2:00? for I think the 1/4 mile run.

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