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I am a Life Member of the NRA, and an instructor for many of their disciplines, across different categories. I teach/hold workshops at least 10x a year (on average, over the past 10 years), sometimes for less than break even. I am passionate about our 2nd Amendment rights, the sport of shooting, and gun ownership (they are not always mutually inclusive, or the same).

From a legislative/lobbying/fund-raising perspective, the NRA has the best engine for applying pressure where it is needed.

From a perspective of court cases in the judicial arena, they cannot hold a candle to the sunlight of the SAF.

If you want to chip away at gun restrictions in the courtroom SUPPORT THE SAF.

If you want to make your voice heard in Washington DC at both congressional levels, SUPPORT THE NRA-ILA and the NRA.

If you want to help bring about changes to gun laws in your state JOIN A LOCAL GUN-RIGHTS organization, and more important, TEACH YOUR KIDS AND YOUR NEPHEWS/NEICES/GRAND-OFFSPRING to shoot, and foster a love of shooting in them.

Every thing else is just fluff.

If was running the NRA (or Congress, or IBM, etc), just imagine how efficient they would be. MOST naturally occuring organisms have a finite life - there is a reason for that. Human cells cannibalize older, bruised cells, and at some point all human cells simply quit. It is in OUR best interest to have a new, leaner organization rise from the ashes of what exists today, to defend and support our gun rights.

Unfortunately, so many people (many here) are afraid of real non-Obama change, it most likely won't ever happen.

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