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blueiron and jpa, thanks for that informative response. I will certainly use your information.

When I started, Cooper were our standards, and I thought we were still using them. Two academy staff members were at this meeting, and their knowledge of what is going on around the nation with LEO post and pre-employment assessment standards left all of us regular folk in the dust. We still don't know why we little folk were summoned since the academy staff already have the latest knowledge in this matter. We were told me had to rid our minds of past assessments of any kind, especially of the military kind.

One of our agency's main concerns was our lack of female officers. I'm evidently a dinosaur when it comes to this but I just want the best people to pass, not caring of their sex. Just like in firefighting, if there are people who can run up several flights of stairs wearing a full fire suit and a Scott Airpack, carrying a very heavy hose and ax, I don't care if it is a man or a woman, just as long as they can do the job effectively. So it goes with me in my ancient ideas of LEO standards.

Another issue our new assessments, other than being job specific, have to be agency specific. We are just a regular LEO agency but with no bodies of water so swimming won't be on any of our assessments. Our most basic idea for this new assessment is to start out sitting seat belted in a unit. When the clock starts, the person leaves the unit, performs the unknown-at-this time-tasks and then re-enters the unit at the end.

The academy staff brought up the fact that since they want to be agency specific, they will have to have a baseline of the people wanting to take the assessment. I brought up the fact that many will sandbag to lower the standards but I was told the sense of competition would allow that to not be a factor. I still don't believe that.

Again, not to degrade women, but I still don't see how we can have a one standard-fits-all assessment which is age and sex blind but still allows women and/or our pre-dinosaurs to pass while there are younger, fitter males dominating the assessment.
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