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When I started at my agency in the jail, I was 26 and 210 lbs at 6'. I have a pretty muscular build so I looked pretty good at 210. After 4 years of sitting in a housing unit and eating jail food (carbs and starch) I was up to 272. 3 month ago I just had enough with being fat. I started using the MyfitnessPal App on my phone and computer to log what I ate. Very easy to use. Plug in your stats, it tells you how many calories you can have to lose X amount of weight/week. As you exercise, you add calories back into your daily limit. Almost every food you can think of is already in there, just search for it and enter how much you had. For for scratch recipes for those of you who are cooks or have an old lady that likes to cook, you can create a custom food and enter the ingredients in and how many servings it makes. It will also track sodium, calcium, vitamins, etc. I love it. I almost completely cut out pop, all fast food so that I could stay under my daily calorie goal, starting consistantly jogging, high intensity interval training, and some circuit training in my garage with the basics (push ups, sit ups, flutter kicks, air squats lunges, etc.) and doing some weight training during my lunch break. So far I am down 42 lbs. I don't really have a set goal weight, just want to be healthy. I will be happy with anything under 220 honestly.
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