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I agree with blueiron that the job-related tasks have to be legally defensible. For a dummy drag if you choose a 200lb dummy, why did you choose a 200lb dummy as opposed to a 150lb dummy? If you have them do an obstacle course where you have to climb a fence, why did you choose a 6 foot wall instead of a 4 foot fence? Stuff like that is where all the crazy studies and tests come into play.

I could be a wiseguy and list a handful of "job related" tasks....oh hell, why not?

You must have the flexibility to bend over and reach between the center console and your seat to retrieve your pen you dropped in the middle of writing a citation.

You must have the stamina to stand upright in one position. Extend your left arm in front of you with the palm facing up and continuously bring the palm toward your chest and back down again. Extend your right arm straight out to your side. Continue to do this for 2 hours. This will simulate directing traffic during special events or on an accident scene.

Walk up 3 flights of stairs at a brisk pace without looking like you're going to pass out when you get to the top. This will simulate responding to the loud noise complaint on the 3rd floor of an apartment building.

Put on a standard duty belt with simulated equipment (gun, oc, baton, radio, flashlight, taser). Enter a standard sized bathroom stall and attempt to drop trow without getting stuck or dropping your crap all over the floor.

From a parking spot in the PD parking lot, grab a gear bag and sprint to the station door as fast as possible. This will simulate either a) arriving 30 seconds before roll call or b) getting back to the station after a late call and having 5 minutes to get to the start of your kid's ball game or school play.
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