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Originally Posted by Shinytop View Post
I think I am not the whiny one, Tous. Why are you are on a discussion board if you do not like discussion?
Those to whom I responded were not discussing, they were whining.

Asking why one should join the National Rifle Association is somewhat like asking why one should step out of the way of a speeding car.

The answer is obvious.

Okay, I wil admit to some bias. I have been an NRA member for more than 50 years, have actively participated for a lot of those years, and have been a Patron member for the last 10 years and an NRA istructor for longer than most of y'all have been alive.

I don't spend that kind of money on dubious efforts.

I've likely seen more vicious attempts to disarm the American citizen thwarted by the NRA than most and I remember how it used to be before the hippie socialists decided guns are bad for children and other living things,

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