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My Dad and I had a really rocky sometimes destructive, sometimes violent relationship right up until I joined the Army. I was pretty upset when he left my Mother for another Woman,..well a very young woman actually.
Dad came and saw me during Family Day at AIT and we kind of made up. Years go by with little contact and I get a letter from him. He seemed pretty upset in the letter and it seemed that my lack of contact with him really upset him.
Unbeknowst to me he had gotten sick and pretty much understood this was the end for him.
The letter was pretty sad and didn't really come off right (I'm sure it was pretty hard to write) and I had a lot going on bad in my own life at the time, so sadly I blew it off, tore up the letter and forgot about it.
Dad died, no Red Cross message, no call, no contact from anyone...nothing.
I had a crazy dream one night that someone came and sat on the end of my Bunk and told me not to worry, everything will be fine and it is all okay now.
A couple of days go by and I get the letter from my Mom telling me my Dad had died.
I call my Mother and She explained it must have been my Dad and that he came to me to say goodbye.
I know now life is pretty complicated and being Dad isnt easy at all, when I see him again I will appologise and I know I will see him again.
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