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Originally Posted by avenues165 View Post
A good 9mm load will be a great SD round, no question about it. If I was using a 9mm I would probably use a 124gr +p or +p+.

I like the 357, but there is nothing wrong with the 9mm. In fact, the 9mm has some advantages: additional rounds in the mag, cheaper range shooting, less recoil, less wear on pistols, etc.

I prefer the 357, but I would never get down on the selection of a 9mm. But I do feel to call them the same isn't accurate, as stated in the post I quoted. Different options are wonderful, long live the 9mm, .40S&W, 357sig, .45 gap, .45acp, 10mm, etc!!!!

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It seems to me that shooting +P/+P+ ammo in a 9mm pistol would result in more wear compared to shooting .357sig ammo in a .357sig pistol. Now if shooting a velocity-hyped .357sig round like Underwood is reputed to be then it would be a wash, in my opinion.
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