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Originally Posted by ithaca_deerslayer View Post
Another thing, if you don't want to carry a handgun, then fine, don't.

If you want to buy your animal already cooked in a restaurant, fine.

If you want to buy your already dead animal from the grocery store, fine.

You want to raise your own animals and slaughter them with a knife, then fine.

You want to go out and chase animals with a rifle, fine.

You want to go after animals with a handgun, fine.

You want to stalk animals with a muzzleloader, fine.

You want to pursue animals with a bow, fine.

You want to trap animals, fine.

What the heck makes one type of those things so much more superior than the others? What makes someone who does the one want to put down people who do the other?
Perfectly worded! Too bad what you're saying makes sense and apparently none of these people who claim to support the 2nd amendment are sticking up for their fellow countrymen who have every right to carry whatever they want wherever they want (except for the guy in the original post). I am from Mass......worst gun laws in the country hands down....and the hoops you have to jump through/egg shells to walk on just to be able to exercise that right is insane. All you gun aficionados across the country don't realize just how good you really have it, so how about we all drop the whole "you'd get laughed at for carrying a handgun in the woods" B.S and just support each other instead of arguing pettily like a bunch of old hens....k thanks
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