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Originally Posted by TK-421 View Post
I'm planning on joining when I can afford to do so, they really seem to have a fair bit of weight to throw around in Congress, and they're doing a fairly decent job from what I can tell. They also fund some lawsuits, which is nice, because generally the every day man can't afford lengthy lawsuits to protect our rights when they're infringed upon.

So, the NRA, the Texas Rifle Association, the Second Amendment Foundation, any other groups I should join? Preferably ones who actually do something, like the NRA and the Second Amendment Foundation. Can't comment on the Texas Rifle Association, since I haven't done any research on them, but I am in Texas, so I figure I might as well join, if it will help them out.
The Texas State Rifle Association is an excellent organization.
They are very effective thwarting the hippie socialists at the state level.
Join us and become a snorting bull.
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