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Crazy Gun Show Experience

I went into a tri-state gun & knife show in Mississippi about 9:20 this morning and had not been there 5 minutes when a rifle went off. Everyone thought it was in the lobby and ran that way to see what had happened. However, a vendor with a table just inside the front door had a 22-250 rifle tied off on their table and someone reached down to check it out, touched the trigger, and the gun went off!!!

The bullet actually traveled through two walls and fragments hit a 4-year-old girl in the upper arm/shoulder area and a man in the thigh. The little girl was ok but taken to the hospital to get checked out. The man had blood on his jeans but said he was ok and just got medical attention from the paramedics that had arrived.

The police arrived and shut the doors and let no one in until they completed their investigation. There was a huge group of several hundred people waiting to get in when I left.

On another note, I had went in to try to find either a tactical rifle case for my AR-15 or a tactical sling. Nothing of that nature at the show whatsoever - mostly knives, used guns, and retailed-priced ammo. So basically, except for the drama, it was a waste of $6.
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