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Originally Posted by Clutch Cargo View Post
I've never had a woman try to use a deadly weapon on me, that's why I've never hot one. I see no reason to ever hit a woman unless she has me in mortal danger.

If a woman (or ANYONE) has me in mortal danger, they're gonna be in mortal danger right back. Why would only only hit someone (or ANYONE) of they were trying to kill you? That makes no sense. I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but with that attitude, I hope you're not a cop.

The worst fight I've ever been in was a 270 pound felon who didn't want to go back to jail. The next 10 worst ones were 100 pound women. Anyone who thinks a 100 pound woman can't hurt you with her hands/nails/teeth/feet, etc, has never been attacked by one. When it happens, that's not the time for chivalry, or good manners.
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