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Originally Posted by x_out86 View Post
It also really helps to keep your accountable and help balance out your diet if you use a calorie tracker such as
VERY good point, a lot of people overlook this part (calorie logging) and then wonder why they can't lose weight. Just like having a line-by-line budget once you're serious about getting finances under control.

Start a food journal, at least for awhile, and write down EVERYTHING you eat during every day. Another resource is which has food items as well as dozens (hundreds?) of restaurants' nutritional information. You may be surprised at how unchecked calories can add up, but it will give you a lot of knowledge on what (and how much) of any given food should or shouldn't go into your body.

Us guys are lucky, as we get at least 2000-2200 calories per day because of our muscle mass and metabolism. There are more scientific ways to figure out your calorie needs once you get to that point.

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