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I'll jump in here too since I also got serious about my weight and fitness a year ago and ended up losing about 35 pounds. I was also able to get my body fat down to about 9-10%.

I already ate pretty good before, but I just really concentrated on being as clean as possible. Lots of lean meats and veggies, whole grains, cut out HFCS, low fat diary, and just watching portion sizes. I also changed up my schedule and took to eating 5 smaller meals a day. I basically eat something every 3 hours or so. Follow some simple rules for your diet and success will follow. Stick with lean proteins like poultry and fish. You can really never eat too many veggies. Grains/Starches need to be whole grain and in moderation. My meals also start large and get smaller throughout the day. That way by the time dinner rolls around you can eat a smaller meal and still be satisfied. This also helps keep your evening calories in check. You are going to need most of your energy earlier in the day and during your busiest hours and fewer as you start to wind down. It also really helps to keep your accountable and help balance out your diet if you use a calorie tracker such as

Also, in case you work nights and get caught up in my terms for meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner....I work nights too, so no excuses about your schedule not being conducive to that. Just make sure you are eating your regular meals and snacks. This helps keep your metabolism up, your blood sugar even, and helps to keep you from getting overly hungry and then just stuffing yourself.

I also allow myself a cheat day once a week. I dont go wild and just eat everything in sight, but I will allow myself a few things that I normally would not. On your cheat day, have a few pieces of chocolate, a slice or two of pizza, or whatever your pleasure is. I think that a cheat day is very important, because the more you feel trapped by your diet, the harder it is going to be for your to stay committed. However, again a cheat day is not a free ticket to eat like crap all day, have a few cheats minding portion size! I have found that they helped me stay sane, and you enjoy those guilty pleasures all that much more when they do come around.

If you have anymore questions about my diet or the exercise plans that I used, let me know or PM me.
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