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the 'I' be silent

People continue to tell me there is no eye in team. If that's the case why iss it that out of however many players it takes to make up a high school football team one may win a four year scholarship and the rest of them get zip. If the is no I in team they all should have gotten the scholarsiip, or none.

In a pro team of whatever there is one player making twenty million a year and the rest make scale for that club. He's the I in that team.

I like sports that call for individual effort, one winner and the rest losers.

I heard the other day that a pro foot ball team has seventy five people, to play a game that uses eleven people on the line. Out os those seventy five people there is one, maybe two, that the team feels they can't survive without. They're the I in that team.

I remember in Houston one year the Oilers were up against the Steelers, with Kenny(the snake) and Earl Campbell on the injured list. Management went into that game wringing their hands and moaning. Their two star I's were not playing. The rest of the guys, working as a team, beat the Steelers big time.
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