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Originally Posted by jeanderson View Post
I have only been carrying for a couple of months now, in my laptop bag to work. I know a lot of people disagree with that method of carry, but now that it's getting colder I'll think about using a paddle holster under my jacket.

There is no law in Ohio prohibiting me from carrying in a bank. My bank has no posted signs banning guns. The branch I go to was robbed last week.

So, would you (do you) carry when visiting your bank?

On the one hand I think it's clearly a place where a BG with gun may show up. On the other hand, I wouldn't want anyone to see me carrying and panic, leading to who knows what.
Of course I would carry into my bank. I always do. Perfectly lawful. Why would anyone see you carrying. I have been carrying for 5 yrs now. I go to family partys with 15 people in close proximity and no one ever knows. You need to know how to carry correctly. Nothing tight. Larger shirts for instance.
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