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Originally Posted by twinster View Post
Another man contacted me, he has a Mak-90, brand new for $500. It has slant cut receiver though. Thoughts on that?
IMHO... your wallet; you'll need to spend on Ironwood stocks that are specifically made for the slant-cut recvr - but you'll want USA wood anyway so as to have that "AK" look.

Or pay to have the recvr re-built for square cut - then just look for real CHICOM wood or buy non-slant-cut Ironwood.

And you'll ditch that sweet CHICOM double-hook trigger for a TAPCO G2 - the kind in any WASR.

And maybe the piston too, for another US part if you choose to add the muzzle-threads.

So at the end of the day, you'll have a franken-CHICOM that you spent money on - to make it look like a WASR.

Or - just leave it as-is, thumbhole and all so as to enjoy its full-Chinese-ness. At that point, a MAK90 becomes a good buy.

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