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Originally Posted by gadgetnut259 View Post
Yeah, I am familiar with both of the sites you've listed. Unless I missed something, neither one specifically spells out where you can't carry concealed in PA with a LTCF. I would love to see an official PA listing of the restrictions. Twenty years ago when I got my first license to carry, the sheriff of my county at that time gave me the following restrictions:

No schools
No banks, credit unions or other financial institutions
No courthouses
Nowhere that sells or serves alcohol

If any of those have changed, I would love to see it in writing.
From what I can tell, it's illegal to carry in a court building and a school, it didn't say anything about not being allowed to carry in a bank. However, I just browsed it, and used the search function, so it's possible I missed something. I didn't check out any sections about alcohol, so I can't comment on that.
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