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Originally Posted by SDGlock23 View Post
The 360 is tolerable, but the 340 is just plain not fun to shoot. I think the taller hump on the back is what does it, because the 360 didn't do it. Sure it recoiled but the the 340 actually left my hand aching for 2-3 days after shooting it.
I think between the hump and the exposed backstrap I've figured why it wasn't exactly comfortable to shoot and in particular the webbing of my thumb and general area were sore, and even blistered to the point of bleeding (which is when I realized it was time to stop shooting). However I had the same problem with my model 65 when shooting magnums and its solid steel. The Pachmayr grips on the 65 made a world of difference. Softer rubber, and the covered backstrap which made the biggest improvement. With those grips I can shoot magnums all day no problem, and I'm thinking the Pachmayr compac grips i put on the 340 should mitigate the nasty recoil quite a bit compared to the factory hogue bantam grip. I'll definitely post an update next time I make it to the range. From just the overall feel and how solid the grip is with the new Pachmayrs I purchased, I think I'll be quite pleased.

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