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If you don't know how to to a Smith trigger job,,, don't mess with it.

If you understand the action be it a new MIM or old school martial pistol. A stone and trigger return spring will make the pistol's trigger near flawless. They can be tuned for staging, smooth draw, introduce stack, break like glass or mushy like a Glock.

If the pistol is a fighting weapon leave the main spring stock if not a tad heavy. And NEVER mod, cut, grind the strain screw. NEVER!!!!

My 686P and the wife's 60 Pro. Both are fighting weapons and accurate. Truth be known,,, I like her 60 Pro. It is full out thunder in your fist and very accurate. In my hands full house .357's and near butter. Every time I shoot it I look at my 686P with just a tad of disgust. The little J frame impresses the heck out of me! While a J frame will never have a trigger as good as a K,L,N framed weapon by design and 1 to 2 less rounds. It's a tight in your face .357.

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