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Having carried and fired mine a bunch, let me offer a couple opinions.
-The Centennial 'hump' lets the gun sit lower in the hand, which is a huge help in lowering the bore axis
-Ditch the OEM rubber grips and go with smooth, wooden 'boot' grips with the filet behind the trigger guard; the rubber ones stick too well, while the wooden ones allow a little bit of slip while still controlling the gun
I carry 140 hard cast LTC .357s in mine, (with a Lee 'factory' crimp to avoid bullet jump) as a last ditch GTFOM defense against black bear; usually the first two chambers up have snakeshot.
For those without a classic education, BTW, the word 'scandium' is from Latin; it means 'mean kicking little b**ch.'
Great gun to carry, not much fun to shoot. Just how it is.
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