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Originally Posted by Glock_en_speil View Post
I configured the CQB as more of a custom/classic model. It had a naked slide, gold bead front sight, shortened (countersunk) slide stop, magwell, FLGR and BP upgrade. It had a black on black Armor-Tuff finish.

The CQB Elite that I have on order is going to be a tactical/all business gun and I didn't deviate all that much from the standard configuration. Then again as you know a CQB Elite is pretty loaded as it comes. All I did was add a shortened (countersunk) slide stop, a FLGR and selected the black starburst G10 grips that normally come with the CQB. I also really wanted the new one piece magwell/MSH which Wilson has only recently made available to the CQB Elite. Up until a few months ago it was only available on the Supergrade. I honestly don't see the value in owning a Supergrade. I rather keep the extra $1500 in my pocket or put it towards a second Wilson. I may go for an X-Tac next.

Sounds like a great build. It will be built like a tank and shoot like a sports car I bet.

One of the reasons I really like Wilson as a builder is the variety you can choose from when ordering. Kinda like having the Deluxe Mister Potato Head instead of the regular version as a kid. You know all those extra noes, ears and eyes to choose from
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