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As stated in your other thread, I have the 2-8x M-223 with the Nikko-plex reticle. The 2x setting is what it stays on for the time being. As someone responded to my questions along the same line, "You move up only one power on the low side but an additional 4 power on the top (paraphrased)." I like the fact that if I have opportunity to shoot out further I can crank it up to 8x. The cost of the scope is gonna be below $400 and leave you room in your budget for whatever mount you want to go with. At 2x the front sight (on my 20" barrel) is visible but not a distraction to me. It is almost gone at 3x and at 4x it is fully out of the sight picture. I highly recommend the 2-8x. Go for it...

Addendum: The ocular is big. My Gen1 Magpul MBUS will not fit below it. If you put a BUIS on look for something that lays flat lower than a Magpul. Or use a higher/taller mount-- I have the one-piece M223 mount from Nikon.

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