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Originally Posted by jeepinbandit View Post
Going out to fix downed helicopters is a common occurrence lol. They actually just had to go out to the Arizona Desert the other night with a maintenance crew to fix a Cobra that had to land out there due to a tail rotor problem.

I understand everything you are saying and get it but at the same time how many of those aircraft mechanics actually return fire or come under fire that isn't IDF?

It's pretty rare. I'm all for whatever they want to give us I'm just saying it's not really necessary for everyone to have a 600 dollar optic on top of their rifle. I put down the same argument for camoflauge uniforms when the subject comes up.

And what I'm telling you, is that its a poor argument.

DART teams, in country, have come in contact, fairly regularly. Generally speaking, contact, is the reason we went out to fix the bird in the first place.

In 05/06 our DART and Crash Recovery assets were coming under fire quite a bit, either on station, or enroute to the aircraft. We were issued M-16A2's instead of the M-4s the flight crews got, because we didn't need anything more. The mechanics aren't getting shot at, why did they need Acogs and red dots etc.

Just because you're inside the wire today, and have a job that doesn't require front line service, does not mean you won't have a need for your rifle, and good optics tomorrow.

But I might just be biased. I was the guy in the dirt in 06 with an A2, now I'm the platoon sgt making sure his guys get the Acogs.
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