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The Okie Corral
The Okie Corral
The Okie Corral

Originally Posted by ChuteTheMall View Post
Is that a real motorcycle finally?

Originally Posted by John Rambo View Post
Awww, you got yourself a real motorcycle. Congrats!
Originally Posted by Hamilton Burger View Post
Nice Honda.

Don't ever wash it (that's not what the water's for).
Originally Posted by okie View Post
Nice bike my friendThe Okie Corral
Thanks guys! I'll do my best not to wash it - ever.

Originally Posted by John Rambo View Post
That thing will probably stomp a mudhole in your VMAX.
That ain't no joke. I am popping wheelies on accident. Shame on me for riding a clutchless motorcycle for 4 months. The 0-60 on this is 3 seconds in first gear.

Originally Posted by sappy13 View Post
Very nice upgrade. I like the colors.
Me too. Its a CBR600 which there are tons of, but very very few green and black. Now I just have to put up with the "Kawasaki Green" folks calling me a "poser".

Originally Posted by Sharkey View Post

You ditched the Mana? I guess it was when you tried to dribble a Bball while riding it?

I'm picking up the slack, I rode my TMax to work today. I even have my murse with me.

I passed 2 cruiser guys and neither waved at me..... go figure.
If I wanna be a real man and ride a cycle, I jut hop on my 919
I loved the Mana, and if I could own both I definitely would. The Mana is extremely comfortable and amazing to ride. I would recommend one to anyone, anytime. It had great storage capacity, was forgiving, great fuel economy (47+) but it just didn't have what I was looking for. I wanted a motorcycle. Kinda ****ty when you have to honk your horn to get a chick's attention on a bike
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