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Originally Posted by Big Bird View Post

Be were in the Marine Corps weren't you?

Try to keep up...

You should train with your shotgun and pistol shooting at people size targets with blackened sights in totally dark conditions. You will learn that you can easily and reliably hit people size targets inside of 10 yards. I promise, the experience will be "illuminating". Ooops, sorry. That means you will learn something.

Hint--keep your eyes open when you shoot the first shot. You won't believe what happens...
I have not tried that, actually shooting that is. I have tried non-tritium pistol sights in low-light conditions, but I haven't shot in total darkness at close ranges. Low light levels yes, total darknes no.

Are you saying that there is an optical trick happening after the first shot? At 10 yards you're close to a point & shoot situation anyways, but please expound.

Hell, if it's a cool trick, I'll try it soon, as it's getting dark here pretty damn early now. So it's dark before the range closes.
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