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G20 Storm Lake 6.02" barrel project

A few days ago, I got a Storm Lake 6.02" 10mm Stainless barrel for my Gen 3 Glock 20.

My reason for buying it is to get more velocity out of off the shelf loads, and as a platform for eventually working up my own hotter loads.

The barrel went right in out of the box lightly oiled with no fitting, no ramp or chamber polishing, and the STOCK factory Recoil Spring was used.

For my initial test, I fired a magazine of Remington UMC 180 grain flat nosed jacketed ball.

The initial round chambered normally.

When I began firing, I noticed immediately that the ejection of the spent brass was noticeably MORE violent.
It was really throwing the brass compared to the stock barrel.

On the 4th round, I pulled the trigger and the round didn't fire.
I ejected it manually and noticed a light primer strike.

The next round and the rest of the 15 rounds fired normally.
The slide stayed open after the last round.

I chambered the 4th round that hadn't fired earlier and it fired fine.

I didn't fire any more rounds as I knew some tweaking was going to be needed.

I've since polished the ramp and chamber some, and installed an ISMI Stainless Captured Guide Rod with a 22 pound spring.

These things to hopefully reduce the violent brass ejection, and smooth out the chambering.

Will report back after I test this.
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