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One morning six years ago, my wife and I started to wake as the sun was coming up. The two dogs both jerked their heads up and looked at our open bedroom door and when they did, we both heard a woman say, "Sorry." Since we were the only two there, we looked at each other and both said, "WTF?"

I grabbed the G29 to clear the house. I checked every room and found nothing. I come back to the bedroom and my wife asks me if I saw anything. I put the gun back on the nightstand and told her "no" and as I turned around, a woman was standing right next to me. She was about 5' tall and had no face, just a form. I screamed and jumped back and it was gone. My wife saw her too.

We still talk about it and we still have no idea what it was. I was kinda hoping my ex had died and before she was sent to hell, she had to tell us she was sorry for being such a POS. But of course it wasn't her.
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