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Originally Posted by G29Reload View Post
There's nothing creepy about them. No one was executed or gassed there. The internees were held there in relatively civilized conditions out of an abundance of caution and released after the war ended. They later were apologized to and compensated.

During the war, every single japanese in the homeland were dedicated to hating and killing Americans. If Operation Olympic had commenced, 100% resistance was expected, why the a-bomb was used.
Your reply displays a stunning lack of understanding of the basic facts, and your reasoning is beyond poor.

It doesn't matter that no one was killed or gassed there, or that the conditions were "relatively civilized," which is a dubious matter of opinion. The camp barracks were cramped, allowed for little privacy, and were not adequate for the weather.

The fact is, these US citizens, most of them born here, were arrested and deprived of liberty for years. They lost their businesses and property. How can you say that locking of an entire group of citizens based on their race was justified as "an abundance of caution?" It didn't happen to German-Americans or Italian-Americans.

Then you argue that they got an apology and compensation. Really? No, not really. Only the surviving prisoners got an apology half a century later, and the $20,000 along with it was a pittance for the lost property and the lost liberty.

You go on to mention the fanatical resistance which was expected if Japan had been invaded. That has no relevance at all at all to the subject, and cannot possibly be used as a justification for what was done to these US citizens. Why do you mention it?

The US invaded Italy and Germany, but again, German-Americans or Italian-Americans were not imprisoned as a matter of course.
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