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Originally Posted by SouthpawG26 View Post
On the topic of unconventional advice, both Chris and Travis Haley (and Bill Wilson, for that matter) seem to moving away from tritium night sights to black rears/fiber optic fronts, in conjunction with either flashlight or weaponlight.

Once again I have to say, there may be something to it. I'm surely in the minority on this one, but I have indeed started to question the advantage of tritium sights more and more, based on low light training and shooting experiences...

It boils down to the fact that it needs to be really dark to see the tritium, so dark that you cannot identify a target at 7-10yards out. So you'll need a light for target identification. And once you use a light (flash and move, don't use a WML at anything other than a potential threat yadayadayada..), the tritium is worthless, and you do just as well with conventional black sights.
Well, Kyle Defoor uses all black sights as well as he likes them better than trit sights at the moment. Ok, but what works for them does not necessarily work for me. I don't know what you consider to be really dark or what your night vision is like, but I can see my night sights in my house at night with all the lights out and I can identify people and objects clearly as well. Night sights were always meant for low light conditions, not black out conditions. They aren't and never were suppose to be a replacement for a white light.

Second, if I have night sights and don't need them, they in essence become sights with dots in them. That's fine as I don't pay attention to the sight dots in lighted conditions on any pistol. If for some reason, I need night sights and have plain black or fiber optic sights, they're not going to magically become night sights. Also, if you all have is handheld light and you drop it or, or if the batteries go dead on your white light, then what? You're not going to see your all black sights in low light.

I've tried all black sights, black rear with trit front and, two dot night sights and three night sights. By far I prefer the three dot night sights because they work for me. I've had low light training in the past as well. Have shot at night with all those different types of sights. Have shot at night with and without a white light. You can make things work if you have to, but for me, I don't see a reason not have them.
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