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Tell these guys I sent you:

They set up at the highway outside of Front Site every morning with a truck full of ammo ordered by the students. FAA regulations only allow 11 pounds in your suitcase, and you can't bring reloads anyway, so it's just simpler to call these guys and have your ammo waiting for you.

I've done two classes at Front Sight: 4-day Defensive Handgun and 4-day Practical Rifle, the first was a gift, the second was a prize from an IDPA championship. Their methods are definitely tailored toward doing large groups at a time, but for those with little experience, you will come out a better shooter, and far more familiar with your firearm.

I used my everyday Kimber 1911, but Glocks are very well represented. If I was to take it with a Glock, it would be my Model 19.
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