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Originally Posted by Kozel View Post
I made no such connection, you did.

People get all "creeped out" on the site where Americans were housed against their will decades ago but they go right pass sites where Americans are being killed daily and it does not bother them at all.

History is full of examples of great injustice and we are making our own history right now, which is not any more just or moral then before.
All right; I will reply to your clarified statement.

Calling a embryo/fetus a human being is an opinion and not everyone shares it.

With the Japanese-American internment, there is no dispute that these were human, and there is no dispute that they were citizens, many of them born here.

It is annoying when people insist on shoehorning their pet political issues into any discussion. Some pro-choicers do it, and the same goes on with pretty much any political issue.
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