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Originally Posted by B.Reid View Post
I don't understand why people think that cutting 1 inch off the barrel makes it easier to conceal, and a half inch off the grip? All these changes do is make the gun harder to shoot well. I used to have a Lightweight Officers ACP, I just didn't like shooting it and when carrying it, it was grip heavy. Now all I have are steel five inch 1911's. I don't find them harder to carry or conceal.

I'm going to have to call you out on your comment.....

The length of a pistol makes a big difference if you appendix carry iwb. I carry Commander sized 1911's, Sig Carry model and Glock 30. All of them have similar length in slide/barrel (3.8-4.25 in barrels). If you were to add another inch to the length it would make a BIG difference on carrying for me. Now all my pistols neatly fit in the crease between my leg and my privates. Another inch would dig into my lower body.....not good.
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