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Originally Posted by fnfalman View Post
Because they realized that tritium sight doesn't identify the target. I've always questioned the use of tritium sight for non-military type. With the military, you don't care about identifying target. You know who your enemies are and what their silhouettes/profiles look like. You see a silhouette, sights on target, BLAM!!!

Do that at home and you might have just shot grandma.
I agree, it's not a tritium or no tritium question for me, it's tritium vs flashlight/weaponlight for HD. Even if I see my sights, that's not enough for a "good shoot". I need to identify the target as well, and the tritium doesn't help me with that. Sure, there are instances in which I can identify the target 10 yards out in the dark. But then in those cases, I wouldn't have needed the tritium anyway.

So I need a light. And if I need a light, any old sight is clear against the lit background.
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