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Originally Posted by Seale Team View Post
I dont get why Rodney won a gun and Randy didn't? Randy had a lower time.
All three of you appear to be masters.
Masters must "share the wealth" and may only win one firearm per match. Randy won his in Master Stock. After your gun win, you begin to get bumped down on the prize scale.

190.120 Master Class Firearms Award Distribution.
In order to “share the wealth” of firearms awards
among our Master class competitors, any one individual
Master-class competitor may win one (1), but
only one, “Performance” firearm award per GSSF
match. This paragraph shall not be construed as
meaning that any one Master, through some combination
of first, second, or other place finishes, may
be awarded more than one “Performance” firearm
award per match. If the Master-rated competitor is
the top finisher in more than one division, he or she
will receive the firearm awarded in one of the divisions
(at GSSF’s sole option) and the next available
cash award if any in the other division(s). Generally,
the “priority” order of such firearms awards will
be “MatchMeister”, then “MasterStock”, then “Unlimited”,
then equally “Competition or Subcompact
or Heavy Metal” or “MajorSub” (Upgraded awards).
“Random” firearms awards are not subject to this rule.
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