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Originally Posted by Ian Moone View Post
As a financial guy, there is one thing that has ticked me off in debate #1 and #2. Why do Romney/Ryan let the other side get away with the phrase "let Detroit go bankrupt" without clarification.

I understand the term bankrupt means bad things to the common man. However, at the mega-corporation level, the only significant difference between a corporate bankruptcy filing and a government bailout is ...under organized bankruptcy, unions lose power. Otherwise, the business reorganized its finanance, amend debt covenants, restructures management and sheds some debt. The real losers are the common stockholders, bondholders and the banks ...aka rich people with the dems hate.

A simple compare/contrast could further expose Obama/Biden for the double-talking hypocrits that they are.
Romney explained this briefly IIRC, Ryan completely let this go.

Originally Posted by JW1178 View Post
The VP debate needs to be about VP issues and what they would do as VP.
Yes, like how about pressuring Harry Reid to allow bills to be voted on, win or loose? (the VP is president of the Senate)

Originally Posted by Bilbo Bagins View Post
I got to admit that Ryan letter writting thing was a zinger.

However the Biden "I won't force my faith on anyone." is a slap in the face to Catholics. Obamacare is forcing Catholic hospitals to preform abortions and provide birthcontrol, and the same with Catholic employers forcing them to pay for healthcare coverage for their employees that will offer covered Abortions and Birth Control.

Sure Biden says he does not want to force his Catholic faith on anyone, but he sure will force his liberal faith on you regardless what God you believe in.
On the other hand, Biden talks smack about the wars that he voted to fund. Could have been an even bigger zinger if Ryan was aware of it and he brought it up.
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