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Originally Posted by Tangle View Post
This suggests that Glock simply cannot fix the problem - which I doubt. Had the problem gun been sent back to Glock again, it's likely Glock would have fixed the problem.

That's interesting. I'm not a Glock fanboy, but nonetheless am impressed with the performance of the gen 3 Glocks. Until the gen 4 problems, Glock has been generally considered one of the most durable and reliable handguns manufactured.

I wonder is some of the 'Glocks suck', which are likely very few by comparison, come from blaming the gun for a shooter problem. Or perhaps they prefer another brand and....
Sometimes I think that I've been reading GT for too long! Not all Glocks are identical: Molds are different; and, to my knowledge, many - if not all - of the internal parts are supplied on contract to Glock, GmbH/Inc. by numerous and often varying outside manufacturers. Comments to the effect that Glock pistols exhibit a wide range of different mechanical tolerances have been frequently posted on this board by many different gunsmiths and aftermarket parts suppliers.

I, also, get tired of reading over and over again that Glock problems should, most correctly, be blamed on shooters who: (1) limp wrist, or (2) use the wrong ammunition. I used and fired pistols for a good 50 years BEFORE I began hearing about everybody's problems with plastic pistols and limp wristing.

(Yes! When compared to the John M. Browning designed pistols I grew up with, Glock's SIGNIFICANTLY MODIFIED, 'Browning lockup' is, indeed, extraordinarily loose AND extraordinarily susceptible to ....... limp wristing!)

Heck, I still remember the days when we all used to just walk into an Army-Navy store, buy whatever surplus pistol ammo was on the shelves, (at well under $5 per 50 count box) take it to the range, shoot it off, and go home. Terms like, 'limp wristing' and, 'the wrong ammo' weren't in anybody's firearms lexicon! We only knew one word, 'Bang!' and the most common expression was, 'Watch your front sight!'

(I guess those days are gone forever, though, huh!)

Neither do I believe that, 'Glock can't fix its problems'. Bricks are bricks; and mortar is mortar! In my viewpoint the real problem with Glock pistols that don't, or won't, work right is, for lack of better words, 'Teutonic frugality'. Glock pistols are very inexpensive to manufacture and cheap to sell. In my opinion, the gun buying American public would do well to view Glock pistols in this way.

(Even at an astonishing $650 + dollars a unit it's, probably, only too true: Sometimes, you really do get what you pay for. It's just that in my short lifetime I can still easily recall purchasing flawless Colt Mark IV's and, 'Gold Cups' for between $330.00 and $425.00! We never had no limp wristing nor ammunition problems with any of them.)
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