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Originally Posted by Copper_Candy View Post
It definitely depends on the situation. I think short term crisis events like earthquakes, floods and other natural disaster events will not significantly increase the demand for guns/ammo. Food/water/comfort items are the gold in these types of scenarios.
On the other hand, events like rampant looting, and long term SHTF will definitely increase the want for guns and ammunition. These are events that directly threaten the safety and security of you and your family, and can be "prevented" with firearms.
I see what you're saying in regard to the time frame. Personally, even in the short term it is still comforting to know we are decently armed.

Plus sometimes in the shot term we don't know it is going to be short term.

But again, I'm just going on what I saw on many people were quite eager to get guns in trade for some VERY nice items.


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