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I have a son with Autism. I have read everything I can find, I've talked with some of the best specialists in the world, I've searched through every study I can find. I have found nothing that points to vaccines as the cause. It's looking more and more like a genetic problem possibly linked to environmental factors.

I have twins that were born not long after he was diagnosed and they have been vaccinated, with a few changes to the schedule just to keep them from getting so many at once. The MMR was split up into 3, they never got more than one per office visit. They did get all but 1 by the time they were ready to start school. I saw no point in the hep vaccine since it is a disease you get through bad choices. Why give a newborn a shot for something you get through sex and needles? They had no other risk factors. They'll get that one when they are older and then we'll discuss the HPV vaccine.
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