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Originally Posted by Hrsuhd View Post
So tell me why it is bad to space them out?
Umm, this is your game and your assertions that you have to back up. Nobody here is going to provide supporting evidence for assertions that you made up. Why don't you provide scientific evidence as to why it is bad to follow the schedule as outlined by the CDC. You know, the one that was developed over decades of objective, peer-reviewed scientific research, and is likely reviewed on an annual basis to take any new findings into account.

While you are at it, please give me a brief synopsis of how cell-mediated immunity works, how vaccines stimulate it, how reactive and memory B and T cells form and activate, and maybe touch on why some vaccines are live-attenuated and some are killed, and some are subunits of immunogenic proteins from the pathogen. And then tell me why you can never get the flu from the flu injection, despite what you hear people say (hint: the answer is in the previous sentence). Since you clearly don't have the slightest idea regarding even basic immunology and are stubborn to the point that you refuse to listen to people who know what they are talking about, maybe you can educate yourself.
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